Grayson Perry quote

This is from an interview with Grayson Perry in The Art Newspaper…

Grayson Perry installing his AM1 motorbike at the British Museum for his exhibition “The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman”

Another unusual aspect of your work is that it incorporates a lot of content, narrative scenes and often writing. 

Oh, you’ve got to have content; I think it’s cowardly to avoid content. I judged a competition the other day and among the 700 works the number of wishy-washy semi-abstract paintings I saw was incredible. It was as though they wanted to make art, but didn’t want to say anything. I hate the aimless, apparently transcendent thing in sub-Rothkos: “Oh, this is all about spirituality.” Fuck off. Why isn’t it about your mother-in-law or poverty or war? 

What is your content about? 

Things that have interested me all my life: religion, kinky sex, class, taste, folk art—stuff like that. 

Yay!  Go “content”!!


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